About Farm Beginnings

Farm Beginnings® is a training course for those interested in launching or expanding their farming business. Established farmers and expert farm service-providers teach the course. Farm Beginnings is focused on you creating and achieving your business plan. The yearlong course begins with seminars in the fall, transitions into hands-on field days in the spring, and concludes with one-on-one mentorships over the summer.

Farm Beginnings was started in Minnesota by The Land Stewardship Project as an effort to ensure a new generation of farmers would be ready to continue farming as the older generations retire. Since it’s creation in the 1990s, Farm Beginnings has blossomed into several programs across the Midwest, southeast and northeastern regions. Find a listing of Farm Beginnings programs offered nationally here.

Illinois currently offers Stateline Farm Beginnings (encompassing northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin), Central Illinois Farm Beginnings, and Southern Illinois Farm Beginnings. Each program operates independently in a different area of Illinois and surrounding states.

Applications are now being accepted for the Illinois Farm Beginnings courses that begin in October. Scholarships are available at all locations, as well as a 10% discount for applications received before September 1. We recommend choosing the Farm Beginnings course nearest to you or nearest to where you plan to farm.

Whether you have started to farm your land already or you are still a couple years away from realizing your dream, our Illinois Farm Beginnings programs are dedicated to supporting young, sustainable farms. Contact any of the Illinois Farm Beginnings locations for more information.