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Stateline Farm Beginnings

Stateline Farm Beginnings® services Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The course attracts both rural and urban participants, with students hailing from Chicago, Rockford, Milwaukee, Madison, and nearby communities. Since 2005, graduates of the program have launched more than...

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Central Illinois Farm Beginnings

The Central Illinois Farm Beginnings® program has been run by The Land Connection for over a decade. In that time, they have prepared over 150 people from around the Midwest to start their own sustainable farm businesses, and 80% of those people are still...

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Southern Illinois Farm Beginnings

Southern Illinois Farm Beginnings® (SIFB) serves people of southern Illinois and surrounding states (Missouri, Kentucky). Since 2011, Food Works has administered the program from its base in Carbondale, Illinois. One of the youngest Farm Beginnings® programs, two dozen...

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